Friday, April 14, 2006

Parents Day 2006

Kathak Performance at Parents Day.

Rishi Parbat Singh jamming!

Beautiful Sitar music performed by MPA students.

Guru Amrit Kaur doing Kathak.

The Juniors doing celestial communication.

Tabla Class performing.

The most fun, Banghara!!!

Bibiji was our guest of honor and was giving some inspiring words.

The new Jethadars.

More Bhangra.

Invocation for Gatka.

Guru Amrit Hari Kaur spinning the chakar.

Finishing the Parents Day with a powerful Gatka performance.

Jugat Guru Singh closing the ceremony.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Goinwal Sahib

Faces at MPA, The Malis (Gardeners).

Amrit Kaur and her brother Hargobind Singh, so cute!

Guru Dev Singh's first Damala!

Hari Akal Singh and Har Narayan Singh at formation.

Our queridisimo Italiano, Surej Singh; Junior Mukhia Jethadar.

Making use of our new playground!

Paramatma Singh and Jai from Massachusetts came to Amritsar. They brought in their experience with kids and taught some games.

Here they are playing a game that uses team effort.

Baldev Kaur and Guru Amrit Kaur having a blast.

Siri Deva Kaur, Anand Kaur and Simran Kaur, all working together .

Here Jai was giving all the instructions for the game.

Boys in Goindwal doing Japji.

Girls were very inspired also doing Japji and Mool Mantra.