Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jugat Guru Singh's Malaysia experience

The Malaysian Sikh Youth camp is the largest of its kind in the whole world!
This year there were about 900 youth and 5 hundred sevadars who volunteered to serve the camp. The ages range from 5 or 6 to 40s and 50s!

It is very much like our summer solstice in which all of the sikhs from Malaysia and many surrounding countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, even Australia gather once a year for this camp, though it is geared towards giving the youth some inspiration towards Sikhi.

Myself and Cherdi Kala Jetha (Sada Sat Simran S and Harimander Jot S.) attended the camp last year and it was a huge success. They wanted us back without question and they wanted us to participate and teach alot more as well.

This year we all returned and brought the entire 12th grade from MPA with us as well.
It was an unbeleivable experience. From the day we arrived we were busy morning till night and it seemed like there wasnt enough time to go around.

We taught about 3 classes every day plus played Kirtan at least once a day and led a Gatka/excercise class in the evenings not to mention the unending flow of questions and discussion.

Do to the work of Rajveer Singh and Guru Jaswant Kaur of Singapore, they actually allowed us to teach 3 Kundalini Yoga classes per day at the camp, and required everyone to participate! Check out the pictures and see classes of 2 to 300 people practicing. It was awesome! Myself, Sada Sat Simran and Harimander Jot were split into three and we took 5 or 6 of the school kids with each of us and had different age groups of the camp participants. Our school kids both taught by example and whenever they felt the inspiration they would add in to what was being discussed. They were excellent demonstrators and perfect ambassadors to SSS.

We also had lectures in the mornings where our kids split up and interacted and sparked alot of conversation amongst there groups!

I cannot say enough about how well this group of our students from MPA interacted and behaved as role models to thousands who were eager to interact with them and learn and share in who we are.

This was probably the most powerful experience of the whole camp for me, to see our kids in thier element, eager to practice and test the ground of the things they have learned, and to watch them be succussful and inspiring and literally changing peoples lives.

Rajveer Singh had the whole thing organised and arranged and even by Gurus grace arranged a holiday for us after the camp. We had several days in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, in which we did several Kirtan programs and alot of shopping and touristy things.

We look forward to not only doing this every year, but eventually every month!
PS. As a result of this camp we were invited to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, England and Australia to participate and in some cases even run a similar camp.

The next one we will be attending with Rajveer S, and Shanti K is camp Miri Piri in June of 06 in Singapore.

Sat Nam,

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.



Blogger DareDevil said...


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Blogger Angad Singh said...

hey jugat was nice to have all of you from MPA over at the camp..and i think what helped most was in the discussion sessions the MPA students were very vocal and this helped to start of at times a very interesting discussion..

it was amazing to have you all ..see you all in singapore..

angad singh

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Blogger Fred Jameson said...

Jugat...It's urgent that I talk to you soonest. Can you please email me a contact number at I have a close friend dealing with the death of a touring family member in India....need some info, fast. Hope this finds you well; unable to contact you other methods.

Panch Parvan Singh
...yeah, the Commandant.

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Blogger Manj said...

waheguroo ji ka khasla waheguroo ji ki

Please can someone tell me when the next one is and where I can get more info.

waheguroo ji ka khasla waheguroo ji ki

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